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The field of RF is vast and complicated and hence it is always good to get a third party opinion on your designs. Utilize our services if you

  • Need an opinion on your design
  • Are stuck at a critical stage
  • Feel that there is further scope of optimization in your design
  • Know that the design is correct but for some reason it does not work when you install it with the device

Connect with us so that we can help you achieve your desired goal in no time. Some of our expertise is called on the areas of:


RF Design review

Do you think there is an issue with your RF design and want to be sure before proceeding to production? Get your design reviewed by us and will provide you with the best possible solutions which lie under your specifications.

RF Testing and Fabrication

Your designs are ready but you are unsure of the materials to be used for fabrication of the same? Or do you require assistance in measurement and testing of your RF products? Consult with us and enable us to supervise the testing and approval process.

RF Matching circuits and components

You want to integrate a standard RF module, but are facing issues with the circuits and components? Or you feel that the module is not aligned with your specifications? We can help you with matching circuits for the standard integrated RF modules, chips and components.

RF Advice

You can hire our expertise in the RF technology to resolve you queries on project related issues.

Consult with our experienced RF Specialists

Explain your project or problem to us so that we can work with you to find a suitable RF solution.

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