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We design and deliver antennas at any frequency and we have the experience in being challenged to design with space constraints and high target specifications. We are not limited to design methodology, but also have the in-house fabrication and test facility to realize efficient antenna protoypes.

PCB Antennas

We select the antenna design best suitable for individual project or application ; PIFA antennas, Monopoles, Dipoles, Loop Antennas etc. PCB Antennas listed here are generally fabricated on FR4 substrate but we also have other substrates like Isola, RT Duroid on user-demand basis.

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Pole Mount Antennas

We provide Pole Mount Antennas in the frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz compatible with SMA/N connector.

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Flex PCB Antennas

Flex PCB Antennas listed here are fabricated on Dupont Substrate. We also provide custom design as per product enclosure/environment.

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Horn Antennas

We provide Horn Antennas in C, Ku and Ka band. Along with Horn Antennas, we also have the Feed System (which includes OMT, Polarizer, Diplexer etc.) design facility for parabolic antennas (Cassegrain and Prime-Focus).

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Whip Antennas

We provide Whip Antennas in the frequency range from 430 MHz to 3 GHz compatible with SMA connector.

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